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Brief Introduction of Organic Mattresses


Over the last decade, mattress purchasing trends have changed a lot. It is mostly because of the awareness shared through the internet. One of the most prevalent trends in mattress purchasing is organic mattresses. 

Now, people want to buy on purpose, instead of purchasing after checking the price tags. With the organic mattresses, the buyers can achieve the following goals.

  • They will buy an environment-friendly mattress.
  • A safe mattress for themselves.
  • A low maintenance surface to sleep on.

But for a wise purchase, it is important to properly understand the organic mattresses. Here is what you need to know about organic mattresses.

What are organic mattresses?

The organic mattresses are all-natural mattresses. They are produced without using any synthetic material. Instead of using natural flame barriers, manufacturers tend to use wool. 

A purely organic mattress is one that is created according to the strict standards of GOTS. They would check the mattress from every aspect to certify it a safe organic mattress. Before purchasing the organic mattresses, you must read guide and reviews to determine which is best for you?

Why buy an organic mattress? Is it worth the hype?

You should purchase an organic mattress because of the following reasons.

1.      No chemical retardants

Unlike memory foams, organic mattresses are manufactured without any chemical retardants. These synthetic chemicals are extremely dangerous for us; keeping a synthetic mattress at our homes increases its composition in the air.

Not only the chemical retardants are harmful to breathe but can also lead to neurodevelopmental issues. The worst part is, these are three times more harmful for toddlers. Along with neurodevelopmental disorders, it can also cause cancer.

Thus, replacing your old memory foam or synthetic mattress can be the safest thing you can do for yourself and your family.

2.      Minimized carbon footprint

The increasing carbon-emission is eating up our world. If you prefer buying the organic mattresses, you will ultimately be supporting the climate rescuers.

3.      No polyurethane foams

Polyurethane foam can be harmful to our health. The organic mattresses, especially the latex foams, are devoid of it. Buying an organic mattress can save you from any health complications that can develop over time. However, while purchasing, you should check if the latex foam is not mixed with any synthetics.

4.      High in quality

The organic mattresses are better than the regular bed in the box mattresses. These are a bit expensive, but it is a worthwhile purchase. Another amazing feature of these mattresses is the life span.


Buying an organic mattress is a wise decision. It is health-friendly, and nothing should be more important than your health.

 Even if the organic mattresses’ price is a bit higher than the rest, but still nothing can beat the benefits of the organic mattresses. It is a beneficial investment for all age groups.  

However, while buying, you should keep a close eye on an expert’s reviews and recommendations. Lastly, always buy those mattresses that are certified with GOTS so that you may not regret your purchase.